From our forest to your table


Meet the makers

What started as an arboreal interest among friends with a love of the forest grew into Sweetbark—a small-batch, single-origin maple syrup. The story starts in 2013, when we— Danny, Tom, Andrea, and Maria—crafted our first batch of syrup over a propane burner in a freezing garage. Today, we have upgraded to a 2x6 wood-fired evaporator and a real sugar shack—but we haven’t forgotten our roots.


OuR Syrup

We strive to take a simple approach to our craft, creating a syrup that fully reflects the terroir.

First, we use gravity tubing to collect the raw sap, which we then transfer to the evaporator and boil in small batches using firewood cut from the same forest. Although some producers use reverse osmosis to concentrate the sap before boiling, we take it directly from forest to flame.



SMALL-BATCH, SINGle-Origin MaPle Syrup from an old-growth forest in the rolling hills of caledon, Ontario