Our Syrup


We strive to take a simple approach to our craft, creating an artisanal maple syrup that fully reflects the terroir.

First, we use gravity tubing to collect the raw sap, which we then transfer to the evaporator and boil in small batches using firewood cut from the same forest. Although some producers use reverse osmosis to concentrate the sap before boiling, we take it directly from forest to flame.

Once the sap is boiled down to at least 66 brix (the sugar percentage of maple syrup), we take it from the evaporator and then filter, reheat, and bottle it. The result is a maple syrup that is robust and as complex as the forest it comes from.

In total, five hundred and ten maple trees are tapped to produce this sweet elixir, and roughly twenty litres of sap are boiled down to produce a single bottle. From our forest to your table.